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Swiss Hemp – Purple Haze

CHF 50.00


The Purple Haze cultivated by Swiss Botanic is one of the most beautiful indoor qualities that can be found throughout Switzerland. Dominantly Sativa its taste is sweet and earthy with a nice touch of Haze. Bitterness and berry tips are also notable. The Bud’s appearance is compact and resinous and small touches of lilac are visible depending on the Buds.

His CBD level is extremely high. Its tranquilizing effect lasts for a very long time.

Sold in small cans, the beautiful Buds remain intact until they are opened.

Cultivation stages:

3 weeks of growth
9 weeks of flowering, including the last 3 weeks watered with pure water to release all the aromas of the plant
curing minimum 2 weeks before packaging.

The THC content is less than 1%. The CBD rate is about 19-25%.

No taste enhancers or terpenes.

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